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A Better Email Notifier — Visual Basic Feng Shui

A Better Email Notifier

Filed under Utilities

Well, it happened.

I didn’t think there was any better Email notifier out there than ePrompter. It’s been a stable staple on my desktop for what seems like eons.

But I just recently discovered PopPeeper:


It’s free (they do ask for donations though, and that’s cool), it works with just about any Web/Pop3/Imap email service you can think of (I’ve even got it connecting to an old GroupWise server!), it’s very customizable (you can even skin the thing), shows any number of accounts, has a rotating tray icon that indicates how many messages are new (just like one of my favorite features of EPrompter), and can read HTML and RTF emails much better than EPrompter (and you can still tell it to not grab images/attachments if you want).

If you grab it, be sure to also grab their PopTweaker. It’s an addon dll that lets you configure a whole lot more settings than the default. Not sure why they decided to make that a separate DLL, but it works.

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