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Can I name a release like this? — Visual Basic Feng Shui

Can I name a release like this?

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I’m working my way through the quite laborious installation of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server when I came across this gem (seriously, it’s in the TFSInstall-v071203.chm Team Foundation Server installation guide):

Before you install Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Service Pack 1,
you must first download and install the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Quiescence GDR.

Now, I love big words as much as any logophile, but to name a service pack a Quiescence GDR? And what the hell is that, anyway? It means “At rest or still”. So… That SP is for all your machines that aren’t installed in motor vehicles, maybe?

I’m already waiting for agonizing install processes and prerequisites. Now MS is improving my vocabulary, too. Grrr.

Who said IT isn’t just one big wild and crazy ride!

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